20 Reasons to Study Chinese at the University of Idaho

1. Studying just one semester with us qualifies you for amazing and very attainable study abroad scholarships!

2. Just two semesters of Chinese can fill 8 credits of language, international and humanities requirements!

3. UI’s Modern Language and Business degree. This degree allows you to study Chinese and prepare yourself for a career in business, or an MBA! The average salary for a recent MBA graduate is 100,000 dollars!

4. Predicted growth for interpreters and translators in the next ten years is a staggering 29%, and a well above average 19% growth for Post-Secondary Foreign Language Teachers (average is 7% for all occupations). On top of that, Chinese is poised to be one of the most important and fastest growing languages in the US.

5. According to the American Translators Association, the average ATA certified translator, working in the comfort of their home makes $72,000 per year! On top of that Chinese to English translators earned the highest hourly wage of any language, at 74 dollars per hour!

6. Chinese is the largest language in the world! Contrary to what you might think, it isn’t just spoken in China. In Singapore Chinese is the most common language spoken in the home, Malaysia has a complete Chinese education system from Primary School to University, and in the United States and Canada Chinese is the third most popular language! There are 12 countries with more than a million ethnic Chinese living there and 29 with more than 100,000! Not to mention all of the visiting scholars, diplomats and businessmen living abroad!

7. Chinese has no verb conjugations!

8. Chinese Grammar is very logical and easy to grasp.

9. The “hardest language in the world” is something people tell others to patch up their own egos. At the end of the day all languages are hard. A dedicated student who is willing to challenge themselves can, and will become fluent in Chinese.

10. Chinese has a ton of online and app based language learning solutions, as a result people are learning Chinese faster than ever! These are great supplements to traditional class room based learning where our amazing teachers will motivate you and answer your toughest questions.

11. Access to the Chinese internet. Chinese is the second largest language on the web, and it’s presence has grown by over 2000 percent in the last 10 years!

12. Chinese and Arabic are tied for the highest overall financial return of any language!

13. Speaking Chinese doesn’t just open up doors in China and at home, but all around the world. China is the 3rd largest investor in overseas markets and is growing rapidly!

14. Don’t let doom and gloom economic forecasts, make you second guess the value of learning Chinese. Chinese consumers continue to spend more and more abroad and at home. This is creating lots of opportunities for American manufactures to enter the market.

15. Because you could speak Chinese with John Cena, Mark Zuckerberg, Vanessa Branch, Mira Sorvino, Ivanka Trump’s daughter, and Natasha Sasha Obama!

16. China is Idaho’s second largest export destination after Canada! 2015 saw 20 percent increase in trade with China! For a total of $560,000,000!

17. It will make you smarter! Chinese speakers utilize both sides of their brain when speaking. This could be do the sing song nature of the tones. Learning Chinese beats brain training apps and you will be learning something of immeasurable value!

18. We have incredible Instructors!

19. Access to China’s innovation systems. China has quickly become the global leader in mobile and hardware based technology!

20. A whole new world of cinema. Next year China will have more movie theaters than any other country. Chinese cinema has something for everyone, action, romance, artsy, you name it!


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